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'Twig' Head Wreath for Victoria 4:
+ 2 mats for Daz Studio and Poser

This Head Wreath is mainly designed to complement LMDesign's 'Twig' fairy character & outfit but it can also be used for any other character with minor modifications of size and position. - All necessary files are included, thus purchasing Twig is not necessary.

PS. Twig owners please read:
Since this wreath is a stand-alone product and includes all necessary textures and transmaps, it also includes some of the textures already in Twig package. Thus you should not be alarmed if this zip asks to overwrite existing files. You should let the overwriting happen because some files are improved from original.
For the same reason, if you are getting hold of Twig files and this file at the same time, please install Twig files first and head wreath files afterwards.


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